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Where does website design development begin?

From the author: Good day, dear readers of the blog. In this article I will share with you the basics of preparing for the development of website design. After spending 5 minutes reading this material, even a person who is far from a similar topic will understand where to start designing and creating the structure of the web page and its design.

In this article, I have most succinctly accommodated a large amount of theoretical information from the best books on web design, removing all excess water and translating the contents into a language understandable for ordinary mortals.

First steps
Before you begin your journey to the top of your career as a web designer, you need to understand the basic principles of creating such projects. You shouldn’t immediately rush headlong into a graphic editor and smear your creative ideas on canvas.

Design for the site begins with a smile defining the information model of the project and the formation of its approximate graphic model. The purpose of the Internet resource may be the sale of goods or the provision of any services. In this case, the design structure should be aimed at the convenience of moving around the catalog with products and provoking the visitor to a purchase.

The purpose of the site may be to develop a platform for an information resource. Such a format requires unusual, interesting graphics and juicy, fascinating content that would make you linger on the page longer.

Web design. Fast start

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To achieve the maximum convenience and effectiveness of the site, it is necessary to determine the target audience of the project in advance. Who is the potential visitor to the site? Just do not now sing songs about the fact that you can come to you and fifty-year-old grandmother Zina, just dug out the garden, and a second grader before homework.

Any site has an average type of person who is distinguished by age, occupation, hobbies, geographical location, etc. Defining the target audience will help to develop a web design that will be attractive in appearance and at the same time intuitively understandable to people.

The next step will be the creation of modules for the future site. The following items are usually located on the home page:

name of company, online store, information resource;

navigation menu (one or more blocks);

logo of a company, online store, information resource;

content block;

additional blocks for banner ads and other text or graphic information.

Before starting the development of a site (web design), it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the competitors’ Internet portals and take note of the decisions that they have chosen. A basic idea of ​​how others do it will help to form in your head an approximate visual model of a future project, finalized for a certain orientation.

After analyzing competitors, we proceed directly to the creation of a modular grid. It is a visual breakdown of a page into specific zones. Such an action helps to structure the content of the site.
Web design. Fast start

Learn the course and learn how to create a website design and prototype in Figma

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To quickly understand what a modular grid is, remember the format of the sheet of a magazine or newspaper. There, the text is divided into 2-6 columns for easy reading. The same situation is in web design (website development). For complex information resources, it is better to use a thoughtful arrangement of modules so that a person is comfortable spending a long time reading.

Business card sites are often limited to a single-column format. The width of the modules is selected depending on personal preferences and project goals.
The most popular screen size is considered to be 1024×768. It is under it that it is recommended to build a modular grid and design the remaining elements. To make the site look harmonious and proportionate, you need to align the composition in the center.

The most common aspect ratio of the left and right is 40 to 60%. The location of the blocks does not have strict, legalized by the state standards. In this regard, you are Van Gogh – do it, but do not touch your ears.

Design Guidelines
If you have already carried out an analysis of competitors, drew a modular grid with a future arrangement of blocks on paper or in a graphical editor and decided on the goal of creating a project, then you can start the main process. However, before starting the development of the site design, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with my recommendations on the design of the resource. There are three types of online portals:

1. Presentation (landing pages, business card sites).
In such a project, a major role is played by highlighting the main details of the products offered or certain information that you want to convey briefly. The location of the modules should maintain a logical sequence, so that the person’s interest in the content when scrolling through the site only increases.

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