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Beautiful web site design: top 10

From the author: I welcome current and future web designers, as well as other readers of my blog. Today I want to demonstrate an unrealistically beautiful web site design that I have come across on the Internet. I think that they will inspire new interesting projects of people who try themselves in the career of a web designer, and will please the eye of ordinary connoisseurs of beauty.
Visiting the site, the visitor, first of all, pays attention to its visual design and only then to the semantic content. To make a positive impression on a person, it is not necessary to stand out from the crowd due to flying bicorn unicorns and acidic flowers, from which blood flows from the eyes.

To create a beautiful web design for the site, a concise, pleasant and understandable overall structure is enough. It is this factor that catches people and provokes staying, turning pages and understanding the essence of the advertised product, the information offered, etc.

Below I will designate beautiful website designs that are part of my personal top ten projects from around the world that, for some reason, seem to me more beautiful than others. All of them are not similar to each other, but each of them shows the invested efforts of the developers and their non-standard approach to business.
Web design. Fast start

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Do you think that to create a beautiful website design you need enchanting ideas, long hours of work and high-tech solutions? The Russian company Creativepeople is ready to argue with you. For their customers, they usually seriously bother, and for themselves they decided to create the most simple, but visually cute and enjoyable project. That’s why they bribed me, so they open the rating of the most beautiful sites in the world for design.

On the ninth line is the awesome site of the French music label Styiens. All ingenious is simple. In the color scheme of this option, only white and purple tones are used, which are diluted with black text in a pleasant font. The background is a musical record characterizing the direction of the company. The picture looks soft, so I don’t want to go anywhere without reading all the information offered.

8.http: //

The next place of my top of beautiful website designs goes to an interesting project from the Polish developer Pavel Wojczyk called “my grandfather’s girls.” The work was done in book format, which depicts the former ladies of the heart of the same grandfather. I have been able to observe many analogues of this type of site, but they obviously do not reach this execution.

I will add that the process of paging goes under a pleasant musical composition. Soundtrack in our time is not considered popular, as it reduces the page loading speed, however, in this case it is absolutely appropriate solution, due to the minimum amount of content.

7.http: //

I will give the seventh line to the website of the Bubbles company. It has something that most of the online projects in our country lack – usability. After clicking on the link, it immediately becomes clear what people are doing and how to contact them. Large forms, nice pink buttons that you want to press and order the services of the company, even if you do not need them.

6.http: //

Web design. Fast start

Learn the course and learn how to create a website design and prototype in Figma

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This site amazed me with the beauty of modern flash effects that allow a visitor to travel in time, teleporting to several world capitals from 1920 to 2030. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Paris, Moscow, Washington, Tokyo and London to the accompaniment of mesmerizing musical accompaniment.


The main page is made in the format of a video presentation, which makes it clear the focus and ideology of the House of Borel company. The picture looks impressive and is of interest. Currently, this format is widely used only in the Silicon Valley, but very soon it will reach the rest of the world.

4.http: //
The fourth line of my favorite designs goes to the official website of the White Frontier beer company. This project is made in an unusual style, which can be found in few places. Do not forget to go to the product description page, thoroughly saturated with the charisma and traditions of the company.


In our country, the wave of entrepreneurship annually brings ashore a huge number of crabs of business trainers. Going to the virtual business cards of most of them, you understand that at least they do not understand a damn thing about promoting themselves on the Internet.

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