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Web design trends: the main directions of 2016

From the author: Hello everyone! Today we will take a break from complex technical topics and do a short review of current year trends. In this article, I collected the TOP trends of web design in 2016. Whether they will become “bestsellers”, we will evaluate by the end of the year, but for now we will discuss what really deserves our attention and what can be sent to the furnace without troubles.

What influences trends in web design?
Modern web site design – the industry is absolutely not static, its development is so rapid that it is not always possible to keep track of everything that happens. Experienced designers always try to predict the most important areas, because this is the only way to get an advantage over competitors and stand out from the crowd.

The main resource of design inspiration is traditionally the web space and everything that surrounds it. Just a little courage, and you, as a master of your own projects, will soon be able to easily expand the scope of human performance, play with imagination on a global scale. By the way, many courses in web design teach this.

Before moving on to forecasts, let’s think about why trends are changing and new directions in web design are appearing.

1. Technology. Available tools and innovations in technology greatly simplify the process of creating layouts, which means that more time is left for creativity and creativity.
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2. Feedback from users. Website visitors have a great influence on designers, forcing them to adapt the industry to their needs and wishes. Basically, this connection is intuitive, we rarely think about our actions while browsing Internet resources. But the task of a good designer is to catch these signals. This is not easy, but generally possible.

3. Global creative spheres. It would seem how high fashion or graphic design can affect the web? But there is no creativity without juxtaposing or contrasting ideas; the most interesting decisions are born in emotions. It doesn’t matter if you really liked something, or vice versa, caused a violent negative reaction … bang! And here you have a new round of innovations.

4. Cinema and television. Modern cinematography is far from romantic stories, memoirs or heroic book stories. Cinema has long passed into the category of competent commercial projects for which money is allocated for one specific purpose – to recapture investments and make a profit. Each story on the screen is a well-designed PR campaign with recognizable characters, a brand, a trend and other chips that are well-perceived by the average person.

As you understand, the trends in web design 2016 are a dependent quantity, it does not exist by itself. And the more interesting it is to debate on this topic. 🙂 So, let’s get to the core of the issue.

Trend # 1: Away from the Frame
Modern website designers love to demonstrate how to go beyond the framework and generally accepted standards. In certain circles, and artists will understand me, this is called “Draw a frame, and then prove that you can break it.” The main restriction, so to speak, the main frame of the designer is the screen shape, the rectangle. Round monitors have not yet been invented, as, however, and triangular smartphones.

Because of this notorious rectangle, all elements of the HTML page are reduced to angular shapes. There are 3 strategies for overcoming visual limitations:

To assemble a layout from figures of various options – circles, rhombuses, hexagons, etc. will do.

Place layout in a moving space – the effect of the animation, the mixed horizon in the site view looks amazing. As an example, I can share a link to the Lorenzo Bocchi page.

And, perhaps, the most fashion trend of web design in 2015, which will undoubtedly go into 2016, is endless space, the effect of flight when scrolling pages. Designers who are able to tell an exciting story and deeply immerse guests in the content of the site will easily make the page scroll to the footer, no matter how large it is.

Trend No. 2: the rebirth of flat design
The flat design is again on horseback. Many reputable web designers have always considered flat graphics indispensable for small details – menus, icons, and illustrations. In addition to the fact that these elements look presentable, they are also easily scalable, and are easily controlled by the font technology of the symbol.

Flat design has returned to widespread use relatively recently. In truth, it’s not so flat in fact. It’s just that the designers have so subtly learned to use the gradient, structure and other lotions that special effects to the unprofessional look are not visible at all, but they are.

In 2016, minimalism will be demanded unambiguously, it will allow you to focus on important elements. The degenerated philosophy of Flat 2.0 will be relevant, reflecting the material in the game of light, shadow and movement. Flat 2.0 does not resist even rounded shapes, gradients, textures.

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