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Effective web design – what is it?

From the author: I welcome you, dear friends! Today’s material is devoted to how an attractive and effective web design should look, which would cause a wow effect for site visitors. Typically, experienced developers do not share these secrets, but today is your day.

If you want to achieve serious heights and build a successful career as a web designer, then you definitely need to know the key criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of work. Such information will help to instantly determine the quality of projects under development and constantly improve in this matter.

The essence of an effective website design in words sounds quite simple, but in reality this process looks a bit more complicated. It consists in the development of a beautiful and convenient visual that would be focused exclusively on your target audience, on people who are profitable in the form of monetized visits or by placing an order for the goods or services offered.

How do users behave on the site?
In general, the behavior of visitors to the website is similar to the actions and thoughts of people in offline stores of clothes, products, etc. First of all, users cover the general visual, randomly go from page to page and view fragments of text on which they consciously or an unconsciously emphasized emphasis. Then people click on the link that caught their attention or on the one that at least more or less matches their expectations.

However, not everything depends on the external component of website design, the veracity and quality of the content also plays a large role. If the resource has delicious material that you want to eat for breakfast, afternoon snack, lunch and dinner, then people are usually ready to endure all the visual flaws and all kinds of advertising blocks. That is, we can conclude that excessive troubles with the web design of sites are unlikely to somehow appear on the general process. Work not for beauty, but for the convenience of functionality and ease of usability.

Web design. Fast start

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To learn how to create effective website designs, you need to clearly understand the system by which the human eye learns a web page. If you sincerely think that people go to the resource and study all the information presented, then the wind of change will have to demolish the house of cards of hope in your mind. The analysis of the page on the site by visitors is approximately as follows:
As you can see, people do not admire the intricacies of web design and do not read all the proposed material from beginning to end. They only scan certain sections of the page, managing to absorb information while clinging to certain “anchors”.

What does effective web design look like?
Below are 5 signs of effective web site design, relying on the development of which you can create cool, modern projects:

1. Clear page structure.
Surely you have met many sites of well-known companies on the Internet, the design of which seemed to you rather standard and simple. I can confidently say that such projects were developed using a special grid.
She is responsible for ensuring that everything stands in its place and maintains the effect of stability and orderliness. Maybe these sites look outwardly simple, but they have tremendous effectiveness due to their convenience. Consequently, web pages should have a clear structure that would make it clear where the beginning and end of a particular content block are.

2. Focus.
Each website has dynamic and static content. On their main elements with the help of special professional chips, you can consciously set accents. Similar actions are taken to concentrate the attention of visitors on certain information that the online store, news resource, etc. wants to convey.
It is quite obvious that the catchy picture will act much more efficiently than the text; in turn, the highlighted words look more noticeable than normal ones. Focus needs to be emphasized if you want to make web design more effective.

3. A beautiful, readable font.
Any web design master is always tempted by the famous “font game” that customers offer to play with. However, TOP experts continue to stand their ground and say that the text should be designed as simple as possible to increase its readability. Therefore, save your creativity in other areas of web design and follow the established standard.

Now the trend is the use of 1-2 fonts, the most popular of which is Times New Roman. But it is not necessary to use it if your version is more harmoniously combined with the visuals of the developed design for the site.

4. A single visual style.
When choosing images for the content area and the graphic component of the developed designs for websites, it is necessary to use one common style.

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