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The best new templates for Photoshop in 2016

From the author: time flies quickly, and here we are in 2016. The day has come when you need to change everything!
Ready to create your own online business? Want a new website with the perfect template? Or do you want to just remake an existing design for new trends ?.

To create a truly large-caliber website, you need talent and good knowledge of Photoshop. Even if you are a professional web designer with good skills, adjusting every pixel on all pages of your customer’s site and giving each element of the UI, section and the smallest details the required attention will be very time-consuming. It will be much faster to take a ready-made high-quality Photoshop template.

We have a lot of different PSD files, there are plenty to choose from. In this article, we will present the most popular Photoshop templates released in 2016 that you can buy. Our list is just a drop in the bucket of those sites that professional web designers upload to ThemeForest every week. Consider the releases for 2016:
Proper design can transform your website from mediocrity to a work of art. Sales on the site can jump, you can have a lasting impression on potential buyers and change the footer of the site. You can completely re-equip the site, making it unique and turning your brand from a bored into a sweetie. Your business (or the business of your customers) will be able to carry out the planned and realize the potential on the Internet!
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5 best templates for Photosop (Trends 2016)
Below are 5 new templates for Photoshop from ThemeForest top. All of them were created by talented web designers who spent a lot of time and took into account all the nuances.

1. Begge – PSD template for a modern fashion store
If in 2016 you want to launch an online store, especially if it focuses on fashionable clothes, then this template is clearly for you. An optimal design template that puts your products and images first.

Very clean and understandable template. The design is convincing and organized. The pages are made according to the grid template, however, the design contains overlapping grid cells, which are just enough to attract the user’s attention. PSD files are well structured and can be quickly customized to fit your site needs!
2. Digital Agency – SEO / Marketing Template for Photoshop
Digital Agency – PSD template optimized for SEO and created specifically for agencies. The design of the template is made in the style of material design, which mixes clean UI elements with bright colors. The template is waiting for you when you add your photos and graphics.

There are options to buy only a PSD file or purchase a WordPress version with a bunch of built-in functions that you do not need to program, and which is based on Bootstrap 3.

3. Volter – Creative Website Template for Photoshop (PSD)
Volter is a creative template for Photoshop with a distinctive design. The template was created to place your portfolio, present beautiful images, as well as to attract new visitors using unusual fonts. In this template, you can describe the process of your work, talk about the services you provide, as well as interest new customers so that they hire you! The PSD file is high resolution and based on the Bootstrap grid at 1170px, very easy to configure. The template is completely ready, you can pick it up and start designing your site!
4. Experts – Template for business and finance PSD
If you are looking for a photoshop template for your new financial site, then Experts is a great choice. The kit includes 55 PSD files, many home page designs and unique pages where you can place your prices, reviews, services, etc.

This template is like a good suit with a tie for your business. The design is designed for law and finance companies, investment firms, accountants and any other professional business. Choose from 21 head types, many different footer options and load perfectly tailored components and customizable sections.

5. The Specter – Photoshop site template for agent business
The Specter is a modern template for various agencies in the flat style. The design is clear and consists of 12 responsive pages and theme blocks, which, if desired, can be combined together. There are many functions for styling icons and vector graphics, and the template also has attractive UI interface elements, such as profiles, catchy quotes and images. The template is built on twelve 1170px wide Bootstrap columns. A well-designed template with a very attractive set of PSD files that you can immediately use in your new site.

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The best new templates for Photoshop in 2016
From the author: time flies quickly, and here we are in 2016. The day has come when you need to change everything! Ready to create your own online business? Want…


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