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Tips for creating a logo for your website

A bit of theory: the concept of logo efficiency
The main functions and capabilities of the logo have already been mentioned above. This small icon can produce a stunning result if it matches your business and appeals to your target audience.

In fact, the logo is a powerful tool for attracting new customers, as well as encouraging them to contact you again and again. They contact you, are satisfied with the product or service, remember you by the logo, and then return to you, rather than go to the competitor.

The result grows like a snowball. And if we will not question the quality of the goods or services offered by your company, then the quality and effectiveness of the logo is an additional and subordinate factor. It will allow you to achieve recognition of the target audience at a relatively low cost.

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The problem is that novice businessmen rarely think about such optimization of their expenses. Such companies most often either do not have a logo at all, or it is painted “on the knee” in something like WordArt. Of course, this does not mean that an effective icon must be created by a famous designer or design studio. More precisely, it would be nice – such people usually understand what they are doing, but such a decision entails considerable expenses. And often they are unbearable for a novice businessman.

We will consider another way: how to create an effective logo with minimal costs, taking into account the specifics and some tricks of this process.

Who draws logos and how?
We will talk about the development of the logo concept below. In the meantime, briefly dwell on the consideration of who and how subsequently will realize your idea. The most obvious options are:

You yourself draw a logo in any available graphic editor. It’s free, but it takes a lot of your time and requires certain skills.

A freelance designer will draw an icon for your order. You will have to pay, and a lot, but at the same time you yourself participate in the process only at certain stages. Also, there is a great risk of getting an unsatisfactory result or staying without it at all.

Design studio will create a logo for you. If in the previous case it can be simply expensive, then in this it is very expensive. An extremely undesirable option for a novice businessman, because the cost of the work of some studios is commensurate with the six-month advertising budget. Of course, in most cases the result is a beautiful and memorable logo, but the price of such a solution is quite high.

You hold an auction tender where several designers compete in translating your idea into a logo. This is a long time, there is a risk of not getting what you need, but there will be a choice of options at relatively adequate cost.

You yourself use the online generator (designer) of logos. Minimum time costs, very cheap or free, do not require special skills, a choice of several options is provided.

Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. And if you look for the ratio of maximum benefits and minimum costs, then creating a logo on your own and / or using the logo designer in this case looks the most attractive.

After we found out what are the ways to get a logo, let’s go directly to the description of the process of creating a logo concept and the important conditions for its implementation in an attractive and effective icon.
To do this, go through several steps:

We are inspired and looking for ideas for the concept
Developing the right concept is a basic condition for creating an effective logo. You need to decide what you want to see on the icon of your company, as well as how to use it to convey the desired message to the target audience.

This stage can also be called the most difficult and responsible, since the final result depends on it to the greatest extent. Creative stupor, throwing from one extreme to another, lack of ideas or their surplus – this is not the whole list of problems that can be encountered during the development of the logo concept.

Where can I get inspiration and interesting ideas?

First of all, analyze the sites of competitors. Relate the success of the peer companies and their logos – composition, color scheme, shape, message and so on. Based on this, you can determine whether you should focus on them or vice versa – push off and create a completely different logo.

Further, we advise you to look into the online logo gallery. Such web projects are replenished every day with hundreds of new options, among which for sure there will be similar icons on the subject with an interesting embodiment of ideas similar to yours. Start your creative search with Dribbble, and then focus on your own feelings.

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