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Web design lessons from scratch. The basics of good design

From the author: I welcome you, dear reader. Starting your path as a web designer, you are sure to meet in great numbers various seminars, courses, guides, books and web design lessons. However, not everyone can afford training worth several thousand rubles. Moreover, really useful and high-quality web-design lessons are held only in large cities. Which exit?

To master the profession of a web designer, successfully put your knowledge into practice and create a high-quality and useful product, it is often enough to “study” various web resources or go through specialized video courses designed for beginners.

I’m not against the full-time web design training system. I just think that most of these courses are just “smearing” good time for studying information that is unnecessary for a novice web designer, such as “what is the Internet” or “how to install Photoshop” (you can certainly learn this yourself).

In addition, in our country they are not actually taught to be web designers. That is, the specialty “graphic design” is in many universities, however, polygraphists, illustrators, decorators, graphic designers come out of it – anyone, but not web design specialists.

Today we will talk with you about what no introductory lesson on web design can do without from scratch – the main criteria for good design: color, shape and typography. And, of course, about the concept of web design.

Web design. Fast start

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What is web design?
The creation of any web resource begins with the design of its interface, which should not only be convenient and understandable for the user, but also meet the goals and objectives that the site faces. Despite the fact that the decoration of the interface fades into the background, its competent use will enhance the site’s convenience, make it memorable and original.

If you do not have artistic taste from birth, do not worry. The main thing is to know the basics of web design, and the taste will appear with experience.

By default, the color of the monitor is black. Primary colors – red, blue and green – are added to black and form all other colors. If you add up three primary colors, you get white. This color model is called RGB.

Some web design lessons start from scratch with a description of the color wheel, which is the main assistant to any web designer.
Color Circle Principles
Pairs of flowers located opposite each other are contrasting. For example, violet with yellow, magenta with green, cyan with red;

contrasting colors are mutually exclusive. That is, if you increase the level of blue, it will automatically reduce the level of red. And vice versa;

a specific color is obtained by mixing adjacent colors. For example, to get yellow, you need to mix green and red;

any color can be contrasted not with one color, but with a contrasting pair. So, to increase the value of red, you can lower the level of blue or at the same time lower the values ​​of blue and green.

A small life hack: to quickly select a contrasting color, you can invert the color of any raster element using the command Ctrl + I.

When choosing a color palette for a site, do not forget to use the safe color table to make sure that the browser will render this or that color in the right way. If the browser cannot recognize any color, it can mix several nearby ones, which will distort the color scheme of the site.
The form.
All objects without exception have a form. We can create an object without color or texture, but information about the form cannot be omitted. The most commonly used simple shapes in web design are: line, rectangle, triangle and circle.

A line can perform two functions: connecting and separating other objects. Connection example:
Web design. Fast start

Learn the course and learn how to create a website design and prototype in Figma

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Separation example:

Rectangle. It is important to choose the proportions. Surely you heard about the “golden section” – dividing a segment into parts so that the ratio of the smaller part to the larger is the same as the ratio of the larger to the entire length of the segment. The following is an example in which point C divides the segment AB so that AC: AB = CB: AC.

So, the principle of the “golden section” is observed not only in the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, but also in all areas of science and art, including web design. It is believed that the “golden ratio” creates harmony. For example, in the photograph, important objects should be located at a distance of 3/8 and 5/8 from the edge, that is, in important visual centers.

Triangle. This is a complex figure for web design, allowing you to achieve different effects. Often, it does not fit well into the overall picture, however, when used correctly, for example, in logos, it can emphasize the reliability and stability of the company.

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