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How to master web design and where to study as a web designer?

From the author: Good day, dear reader! In your opinion, is it possible to develop an artistic and aesthetic taste for someone who has never held a brush in his hands, has not walked through art galleries and does not understand what is the meaning of “Malevich Square”? What to do if you really want to become a designer, but there is no desire to spend hours drawing a vase or cube in an art school?

Over the past few years, the profession of a web designer has become very popular and prestigious, which supposedly can be learned even with zero drawing skills – many people think that it’s enough to master a couple of graphic programs and learn the basics of site building. Is this so, is it possible to master web design on your own and where to study as a web designer, we will consider in our article.

Who is a web designer?
Before delving into the issues of where you can learn web design, consider the meaning of the existence of this profession as such.

Web-design is a form of design and the web development industry. A web designer is a specialist who is responsible for how a particular site is perceived and displayed on the Internet. Using computer technology, he creates and processes graphic elements, comes up with logos, banners, develops the structure and navigation of the site.

Thus, the competence of a typical web designer can be divided into software, visual and style components. This is the organization of electronic information and its pleasant design, the development of interfaces for sites and applications, the creation of catchy graphics that serve the main tasks of the site and the needs of the target audience.
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In order to create effective sites, the web designer works closely with brand managers, web programmers, layout designers, marketing and SEO site promotion specialists.

A good web designer is a specialist who knows how to work with graphic editors and has a good artistic taste. An excellent designer is both a talented artist, an intuitive psychologist and a strong technical specialist.

Studying web design at a university
The necessary skills can be obtained at universities within the framework of the “graphic design” profile, among the general subjects of which are drawing, art history, artistic composition, drawing, etc.

Special disciplines are represented by web design, content management, modern technologies, three-dimensional modeling, computer animation, etc.

Within the framework of the design specialty, some colleges train graphic designers and layout designers, however, there you can get only basic knowledge on web design.

Is the game worth the candle?
If you are wondering where to study the profession of a web designer, and you have 5-6 extra years left that you are willing to spend studying both important and secondary information, such as the basics of working with the Internet or art history, then you can safely become a student of the specialty “Graphic Design”.

Also get ready for the fact that in the first year you will have to study the features of newspaper, magazine, poster, book and other types of design without fail. By the way, before entering an educational institution do not forget to make sure that his course includes lectures on web design in general.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me a colossal waste of time. In conditions of intensive self-education, possibly with the step-by-step passage of various complex video lessons on web design and a sea of ​​practice, the path from a complete zero to a qualified specialist will take many times less time, effort and, which is also important, financial resources.

In addition, modern academic education is hopelessly behind the realities of such a rapidly developing field as web design. In the used teaching methods and specialized literature there is not even a precise definition of the level of competence of such a profession as a web designer.

Web design. Fast start

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Web Design Courses
Due to the fact that in our country there is no full-fledged education in this area, lately, like mushrooms after rain, a variety of courses have appeared that teach the wisdom of web design quickly and easily, only pay money.

In most courses you will be offered, for starters, to go through basic computer training (Internet, Word, Windows, Excel). Then – mastering the graphic editor Adobe Photoshop, which will allow you to work with raster graphics, create and process images, and create a website layout. Without Photoshop, web design is nowhere.

Another thing that you must be taught in the courses is the HTML hypertext markup language. HTML web pages that combine images, text, and other elements are the foundation of any site.

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