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Multimedia in web design: modern technologies for presenting information

From the author: Hello everyone! Friends, if you read my articles on web design, you can hardly be called dummies. Most of the terms are familiar to us and do not scare us, we think in new categories, and most importantly, we are ready for everything new and interesting. The next in turn is a fascinating topic, the study of which professionals devote not a year or two. But today we have to form a common understanding about multimedia in web design, so we get involved in the work and go.

What is multimedia?
The English term “multimedia” appeared in the everyday life of designers relatively recently. Literally, it is translated as “multiple environments”, and as applied to site building and the Internet space, in general, it means the interaction of several streams of information. Least:

visual or graphic;


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Under the control of software and modern technical means, graphics, text, sound, video and photos are combined into a single digital representation. As you know, combining everything at once and not harming your own resource is the skill of aerobatics. Therefore, novice designers move gradually, master simple skills, and then implement more complex projects.

Multimedia Classifications
A common mistake of the majority of users uninitiated in all the intricacies of the design is the opinion that multimedia is a synonym for interactivity. In fact, multimedia in web design is classically divided into:

linear environment;

nonlinear medium.

And in the first case, the linear environment does not provide feedback to users in principle. For example, imagine a feature film. We watch it, extract information from it, but we can’t influence the document in any way.

A non-linear environment allows the audience to participate in the process of information exchange: to build the order of the information series, interact with multimedia tools / elements, start / stop, repeat.

Dialogue systems allow you to simultaneously work with sound, video frames, static text, animated special effects. The main thing we need to remember: two or more parties are involved in the process – only then can the environment be called interactive.

Multimedia Networking Features
The main purpose of multimedia in web design is to simplify the perception of information. The transformation of textual information into multimedia formats has changed the Internet space forever.

When computer monitors began to display a little more than 3 colors, artists and designers poured into this area by a large company. But the lack of elementary concepts about the differences in printing and multimedia specifics has destroyed a lot of resources. Sites simply started to burst from graphic inserts, and the graphic, as you know, weighs significantly more than text.

When some pages of sites began to open at the speed of an overloaded domestic elevator, the authors thought about optimization. Those who did not think, banal search engines blocked. Do not know how, do not handle!

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Just do not think that multimedia is an evil that must be abandoned once and for all. On the contrary, the skill of a web designer is measured by the ability to integrate complex information into simple and accessible objects. Without special skills, the user visits the site and through an intuitive menu, banners in a matter of minutes finds the desired section, downloads or uploads files, etc.

Here is a classic example, social networks. Nobody taught to work with them anywhere, but even a child masters them without much difficulty. Everything is intuitive and simple, the tips are visualized, the graphics are understandable, without frills and accessible.

Multimedia technologies and their creation tools
There are many technologies for multimedia website design. I will focus on the most basic ones, because most of the latest technologies are a product of the integration of some already known and tested in others.

Animation – reproduction of a series of pictures, creating the effect of movement. Flash animation attracts attention, gives the site a drive.

Programs for creating animations are conventionally divided into ordinary, or manual, and ready-made online services. The principle of constructing a flash-row is similar for them: individual images (frames) are arranged in a certain order, the duration of the broadcast of each frame is indicated, special effects are added. At the output we have the likeness of a short cartoon.

Sound effects – created on the computer or digitized all kinds of sounds necessary to enhance or emphasize the action.

The most obvious example of the use of sound effects is computer games, there is no manipulation, but an explosion, a blow, a jingle, a trill … The network has several million resources with collections of sounds. Especially you do not need to invent anything, download the selected tracks and adapt them for yourself.

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