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From the author: many beginners do not know where to start learning web design. The great and terrible Internet is full of diverse materials that are often confusing. Most people,…

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How much does a web designer earn on freelance and in studios?
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Buttons in web design
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Where to look for fresh website design ideas, or how to catch inspiration?

From the author: probably each of you had moments in life when there is no hint of creativity and inspiration? Especially when original ideas are expected from you. Especially when, in addition to working on the site, many other things have piled on you, most of which you had to solve yesterday.

As I understand you! That’s why I decided to create a post dedicated to the answer to one of the most burning questions of web designers: how to get inspired, find fresh ideas for website design and, at the same time, not go down to plagiarism? Where is that extremely blurry line where the inspiration of someone else’s ideas for web design turns into theft?

How to wake up a creator in yourself?
Even the most experienced web designers begin their work on the site by looking at others. This does not mean that they want to steal someone else’s idea. Just in this way they awaken creativity within themselves.

Seen enough of good work – and forward, to the exploits. To bring together the best of what is seen on the network in your unique, best project. I advise you to treat this lesson as an important task and serious research work.

In the process of viewing and analyzing other people’s web design ideas, you will at the same time understand what is now relevant and what is out of fashion. You do not want to lag behind current trends? So prepare your bookmarks!

Web design. Fast start

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Get inspired by several sources at once.
If you find a site that you liked, and you had the idea to create something similar, do not stop there. Look for other examples of interesting content that are suitable for you in terms of the color palette used, structure and text.

The goal is to take the best from all samples and implement them in your own layout. Of course, in my own interpretation. To do this, you will need to combine all the elements that served as a source of inspiration into a single whole.

Think about the frame of your future design. What styles do you apply to the relevant elements? Before you start modeling the site, you will need to think about each element of it, make a kind of “mosaic” of ideas seen and peeped somewhere (maybe you don’t even remember where yourself). Will the elements of this “mosaic” work harmoniously with each other?

Thus, preparation (including moral) for the design of the site plays a decisive role in the degree of uniqueness and novelty of your result.

Sherlock Holmes Methods: Analysis and Deduction
A great way to get fresh ideas for website design is not to “spray” on the whole design, but to focus on only certain elements that provide you with interest in working on your own project.

See how other web designers solve issues like the ones you need to solve. For example, having studied the website design below, you can draw the following conclusions:

it uses a bright color palette that immediately attracts attention;

the title is not separated by a block or a contrasting color, as is often seen on other sites;
Web design. Fast start

Learn the course and learn how to create a website design and prototype in Figma

Learn more
gray intermediate zones separate various information areas, which ensures easy and comfortable work with the site;

thanks to the long slogan, the purpose of this resource is immediately clear;

under the slide show there are icons that show how many more slides will be played.

If you find interesting site design ideas, study them in the most intimate way and select the elements that really inspire you. Pay attention to typography, lighting effects, color palette, gradients and other details that breathe life into web design. Ask yourself what exactly makes this or that design so attractive.

Now combine all sources of inspiration into a single whole
Consider a specific example of creating web design, inspired by ideas from other resources, and Patrick McNeil’s book, Web Design. Ideas. Secrets Advice”.

For example, on the site below, we liked the navigation design: it is understandable and of high quality, it gives a brief explanation for each menu item. The background has several color levels that change from top to bottom, which looks pretty interesting and attractive.

Here we liked the large and bright slider, which can become a key detail of our new site:

And here, the extensive footer looks pretty interesting, which contains the main links and additional information:

And here is the final result, which was obtained under the influence of the above sources of inspiration.

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