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Landing Page Website Design

From the author: I welcome all readers of my blog who are interested in creating a website design from scratch or promoting their own business on the Internet. Although even someone who has nothing to do with these topics can be inspired by the article and today make their first landing page and make money on it. Reading the material will give you a concrete understanding of how to make a selling website design with a conversion of 25–35%.

Before you talk about how to make a selling website design in the form of a landing page that will help you make money on the new Porsche Cayenne, you need to identify its key objectives.

The fundamental goal of developing a Landing Page is to collect customer contacts for further negotiations or to sell goods or services directly. Based on this idea, you need to think about how to create a website design that fits your target audience, market specifics and features of the product provided.

In the next sentence, I will write the most important rule that you need to write on the sticker, hang it in front of you and constantly look at it during the development of the Landing Page or the preparation of the terms of reference for the webmaster.

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Each element and module on the landing should be aimed at increasing confidence in you or provoking a client to buy a product, order a service or leave contacts for further communication. Perhaps this sounded not so epic as Bruce Lee’s about 10,000 hits, but in terms of importance, which is converted into earned money, it is not inferior.

When creating landing pages, two problems are most common. The first is the monotonous, dull appearance of the landing page in combination with content overloaded with technical information. A similar semantic mess in 99% (we leave 1% for your friend who will always support), the visitor does not read cases.

As a rule, an average person, after clicking on the link, scrolls through the landing page for several seconds and leaves the site if he does not understand what is at stake and how to order something here.

The second problem can be attributed to the overly creative flight of imagination when developing the landing page. Butterflies flying across the page and flowers growing from letters do not guarantee an increase in sales, and sometimes even cause bleeding from the eyes of customers, which provokes the speedy pressing of the cross in the upper right corner.

When thinking about how to design a site, don’t forget about the balance of content and beautiful visuals. The developers and customers who make up the terms of reference for them often forget about it, get carried away and go to extremes, relying solely on their clearly non-neonardavinian taste.

5 key design principles for selling a Landing Page
When creating a website (web design) in a landing format, you should pay attention to 5 main points:

1. Product demonstration.

You do not need to be a web design master to understand the importance of vivid visualization of the product or service that you offer. The product should be clearly demonstrated on the first page spread. A bright and juicy picture with a happy customer cutting the nails of the chainsaw that you sell will give the customer much more than a boring, unsupported text.

2. Call to action button.

In addition to the visual demonstration of the product on the first page spread, it is also important to place a button that will call the visitor to the action you need. This can be a purchase, a subscription to a newsletter, etc. The button should be in a conspicuous place and not mix in the color scheme with other elements. A person needs to clearly see where to click in order to purchase a product. Do not forget to duplicate the button on the page, but do not overdo it so that the visitor does not feel intrusive pressure.

3. Demonstration of your team and location.

Potential customers are captivated by openness. Landing Page conversion will increase significantly if you post on your site a photo of smiling employees at the workplace, a phone number for communication, and an office address. No need to hide, you’re not a forensic scientist from the 90s. It is important to consider that you need to upload your own photos. Content stolen from the Internet will not only not add pluses to karma, but also forever spoil the reputation.

4. Limited fields.
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Learn the course and learn how to create a website design and prototype in Figma

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Do not forget that you only need the client’s application or his data. Do not force him to leave his last name, age, occupation and other information. People do not fill it out even when applying for a discount card in their favorite store. Only the name and phone number / email (depending on the situation).

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