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Best Photoshop Plugins for Web Design

From the author: welcome to our blog, dear reader! Today we’ll talk about where to use Photoshop plug-ins for web design, and also find out which plug-ins are best for beginner web designers.

Of course, such a powerful and multifunctional graphic editor as Adobe Photoshop, in itself, is an excellent tool for working in the field of web design, although there are many other specialized programs. But one of the main advantages of Photoshop is its openness to the dynamic connection of other applications, which allows you to significantly expand the capabilities of the graphics editor to create a website design.

Go beyond Photoshop
We don’t try to eloquently declare that plugins are our everything, especially since for beginner web designers it’s more important to directly study the wide possibilities of Photoshop, but if you decide to take the matter seriously and don’t intend to stop there, then some additional knowledge will help you become a really good designer many times faster.

Moreover, in the conditions of rapidly growing competition in the field of freelance, this knowledge will certainly not be superfluous. In addition, the Internet is replete with video tutorials that will greatly enrich the luggage of your web design knowledge. By the way, some of them can be obtained for free.

Returning to the topic of plugins for web design, one can not help but mention how many great variety of modules for Photoshop are available on the Internet. Among them there are both free and paid plugins that can greatly facilitate the work of web designers.

Web design. Fast start

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But if you have just started your career as a web designer, then it’s not easy for you to navigate the variety of plug-ins for Photoshop that will be useful when creating a website design.

Therefore, in order to help beginners choose the right Photoshop plug-ins for web design, and subsequently use them in their work most effectively, we have compiled a list of programs that will become indispensable assistants in creating website design and will make working with Photoshop easier, faster and more enjoyable.

How do Photoshop plugins work for web design?
Conventionally, Photoshop plugins used in web design can be divided into two groups: those that allow the designer to achieve the result that cannot be obtained using standard filters and Photoshop tools, and those that help to obtain results several times faster than with using the standard arsenal of Photoshop.

Any Photoshop plug-in for web design is a file with the extension * .8bf. Some plugins are not equipped with an installation wizard, so to connect them to Photoshop you need to copy the file to the Plug-Ins directory, which is located in the root folder of Photoshop.

By the way, today plug-ins developed for Photoshop are also supported by other programs for working with raster graphics. Thus, these modules can be used not only for working in Photoshop, but also for other graphic editors, for example, Deneba Canvas or Paint Shop Pro.

But in the event that for some reason you use NOT Photoshop in your work, keep in mind that most of the plugins are focused on the notorious Ps, so not all of them voluntarily agree to work correctly in other programs.

Useful plugins for working with Adobe Photoshop
Tesselation is a fairly simple filter that is great for creating a web page background. The principle of the filter is quite simple: it replaces the smooth surface of the texture with various geometric shapes – triangles, quadrangles.

Thus, Tesselation creates an image consisting of repeating components. In this case, the texture is seamless, or rather, the joints in the picture are not visible. The program is able to offer three options for combining the edges of the base image. By default, items are repeated horizontally and vertically, but the settings allow you to create a repeat for only one direction.

Filters unlimited
Without exaggeration, Filters Unlimited can be called a universal plug-in for Photoshop, used in web design. The program allows you to create many different effects for completely different purposes. With it, you can simply adjust colors or create collages of varying degrees of complexity.

Thanks to Filters Unlimited, the designer can use about 400 filters and effects “for all occasions.” And so that beginners do not get confused in this variety, all filters are divided into thematic groups. Therefore, for you, working with the Filters Unlimited plugin will become not only effective, but also quite interesting, because, as you understand, the program opens up a ton of design possibilities, and not only for creating website designs.

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