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Beautiful web site design: top 10
From the author: I welcome current and future web designers, as well as other readers of my blog. Today I want to demonstrate an unrealistically beautiful web site design that…

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Best Photoshop Plugins for Web Design
From the author: welcome to our blog, dear reader! Today we’ll talk about where to use Photoshop plug-ins for web design, and also find out which plug-ins are best for…

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10 Photoshop plugins for design-accelerating designs
From the author: Photoshop was not originally intended for web design, but even right out of the box is a pretty powerful tool. But even such a wonderful tool may…

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Where to look for fresh website design ideas, or how to catch inspiration?

From the author: probably each of you had moments in life when there is no hint of creativity and inspiration? Especially when original ideas are expected from you. Especially when, in addition to working on the site, many other things have piled on you, most of which you had to solve yesterday.

As I understand you! That’s why I decided to create a post dedicated to the answer to one of the most burning questions of web designers: how to get inspired, find fresh ideas for website design and, at the same time, not go down to plagiarism? Where is that extremely blurry line where the inspiration of someone else’s ideas for web design turns into theft? Continue reading

How to master web design and where to study as a web designer?

From the author: Good day, dear reader! In your opinion, is it possible to develop an artistic and aesthetic taste for someone who has never held a brush in his hands, has not walked through art galleries and does not understand what is the meaning of “Malevich Square”? What to do if you really want to become a designer, but there is no desire to spend hours drawing a vase or cube in an art school?

Over the past few years, the profession of a web designer has become very popular and prestigious, which supposedly can be learned even with zero drawing skills – many people think that it’s enough to master a couple of graphic programs and learn the basics of site building. Is this so, is it possible to master web design on your own and where to study as a web designer, we will consider in our article. Continue reading

Popular web design software with raster and vector graphics

From the author: for the successful design and creation of sites you will definitely need special programs for web design. There have been tons of new applications lately, but which of them really increase the productivity of a web designer? In this article you will learn how to choose the right program for creating a website design, depending on the task and the type of graphics – raster or vector.

As various venerable designers say, “the brain and hands are our main tools.” And yet, they are a little cunning. Is it possible to create a website design without using any programs and tools? Of course, the brain is a powerful biocomputer that allows you to draw a complex picture and an ideal site in seconds, but, alas, only in your imagination. Continue reading

Typography in web design: basics and rules of use

From the author: I welcome you, friends! We continue to analyze the intricacies of professional web design, and today a very relevant topic is web typography. Unfortunately, many developers do not even know the very basics and rules of this area. Maybe they just don’t bother and don’t want to waste time on it, or maybe they don’t fully understand its meaning. In general, my goal is to convey to you that typography in web design is the foundation of the basics, and without it it will be very difficult to move on.

Typography and Newsletter
The purpose of any Internet resource is an information message to the target audience. What will visitors of your site pay attention to first of all? Of course, to the text! (Naturally, if he does not get messy advertising and a lot of stupid banners). The success of your project will ultimately depend on the text, and only on the text.

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Multimedia in web design: modern technologies for presenting information

From the author: Hello everyone! Friends, if you read my articles on web design, you can hardly be called dummies. Most of the terms are familiar to us and do not scare us, we think in new categories, and most importantly, we are ready for everything new and interesting. The next in turn is a fascinating topic, the study of which professionals devote not a year or two. But today we have to form a common understanding about multimedia in web design, so we get involved in the work and go. Continue reading

The Importance of Visual Context in Web Design
From the author: According to the results of a popular study by the University of Missouri Science and Technology, visitors form an opinion about your business site in less than…


Best Photoshop Plugins for Web Design
From the author: welcome to our blog, dear reader! Today we’ll talk about where to use Photoshop plug-ins for web design, and also find out which plug-ins are best for…


Buttons in web design
From the author: I love buttons. With their help, you can do many different things: move on to the next stage, accept various conditions, perform something. Buttons make the site…


Tips for creating a logo for your website
A bit of theory: the concept of logo efficiency The main functions and capabilities of the logo have already been mentioned above. This small icon can produce a stunning result…