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Web Layout 101: How to Get the Most Out of the Top Right
Most people browse the site using the so-called “F” template. First, we look at the top of the letter F, then go down and look horizontally in the second part,…

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What every web designer should know and be able to not face the dirt
This category is much more multifaceted than it might seem at first glance, because it includes graphic design, navigation, logical structure development, and much more. Therefore, a website designer is…

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Does web design need education?
From the author: welcome, dear friends! Recently, questions have been coming from my readers regarding whether to get an education in web design? So many people were interested in this…

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Where to start web design training?

From the author: many beginners do not know where to start learning web design. The great and terrible Internet is full of diverse materials that are often confusing. Most people, moreover, have an element of doubt in their talent and fear of failure. Especially if their familiarity with the graphics was limited to the lessons of fine arts in elementary school.

Today I will tell you how to become a web designer and not get lost in a huge amount of information. If you have faith in yourself and a desire to learn, then this article is for you!

Cavemen made cave paintings, the ancient Egyptians drew hieroglyphs, and we live in the era of web design. What is it? I’ll try to explain “on my fingers” and pack into this article the minimum that you just need to deal with before moving into this area. Continue reading

Web design lessons from scratch. The basics of good design

From the author: I welcome you, dear reader. Starting your path as a web designer, you are sure to meet in great numbers various seminars, courses, guides, books and web design lessons. However, not everyone can afford training worth several thousand rubles. Moreover, really useful and high-quality web-design lessons are held only in large cities. Which exit?

To master the profession of a web designer, successfully put your knowledge into practice and create a high-quality and useful product, it is often enough to “study” various web resources or go through specialized video courses designed for beginners. Continue reading

Basic web design tutorials in Photoshop

From the author: in past classes, we examined the theoretical foundations of web design. It’s time to move on to practical exercises, so today you will receive basic web design lessons in Photoshop and learn how to create stylish buttons for the site.

I recommend that you, first of all, study this particular program. Beginners, amateurs and professionals – all work in Photoshop. Without it, thousands of designers, artists, polygraphists, and webmasters cannot imagine their lives.

If you like the work of a web designer, with the help of Photoshop you can not only process photos, but also create websites, book covers, banners and much more! A huge arsenal of tools for retouching, processing and editing images, accurate color calibration, “jewelry” work with color make Adobe Photoshop the most popular, let alone the best graphic editor. Continue reading

10 Photoshop plugins for design-accelerating designs

From the author: Photoshop was not originally intended for web design, but even right out of the box is a pretty powerful tool. But even such a wonderful tool may not always suit your requirements. The plugins in question are designed to fill in the gaps in the functionality that form when we reconfigure this graphic editor to work with web design.


Extremely reliable, but not without unpleasant surprises

It has many styling methods that are suitable for web design.

Thanks to easy editing of SVGs and bitmaps, great for high quality web design Continue reading

Buttons in web design

From the author: I love buttons. With their help, you can do many different things: move on to the next stage, accept various conditions, perform something. Buttons make the site interactive. This is why buttons are perhaps the most important components in a design system in web design.

It’s simple, the buttons mark an area so that I can click on it. In essence, it is on the buttons that we apply the basic attributes of the design language so that then it has its effect on more complex components. Below I presented 12 lessons that I learned based on working with primary (primary button), secondary (secondary button) buttons, as well as other types of buttons. Continue reading

Typography in web design: basics and rules of use
From the author: I welcome you, friends! We continue to analyze the intricacies of professional web design, and today a very relevant topic is web typography. Unfortunately, many developers do…


The history of web design: from the Stone Age to the era of modern technology
From the author: the development of web design, like the Internet, in our country fell on the 90s of the last century. Prior to that, the computer age reigned, it…


5 trends in logo design 2016
From the author: Web designers often like to predict trends on the Internet for next year. What about logo design? As the saying goes, the devil is in the details.…


How much does a web designer earn on freelance and in studios?
No matter how interesting web design is, most people go there not because of this, but because of financial attractiveness. This direction is quite profitable after the accumulation of a…